22 maart 2020 
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May 2020. A new chapter in the Dilemma book: we are excited to announce that the new bass player joining Dilemma is Reinier Siemons. Since graduating from conservatory, Reinier has been working as a session musician and music teacher. He took part in several projects, varying from jazz and blues to heavy metal. Progressive, melodic rock however has always been one of his biggest loves. No wonder Dilemma asked him to audition when the position of bass player in the band became vacant. Because of Reinier’s amazing skills and pleasant personality, the band offered him the job.

Reinier will replace our former bass player Erik van der Vlis, who recently decided to leave the band. Sadly he was unable to maintain a commitment to Dilemma due to conflicting schedules with his other band, work and personal life and decided to focus on that.

There’s no bad blood between us and we truly appreciate him and everything he’s given us as band mates, and more importantly as friends. We had an amazing time together making music, touring and having much fun. We want to thank Erik for all his time, energy, funny faces, passion and effort for the band. It’s the end of a chapter, not the end of the book.

Dec Burke, vocals & guitars: “Excited to have Reinier on board. With him comes the drive and energy that will push the band forward”.

Paul Crezee, guitars: “I’m really looking forward to work with Reinier. His sound is amazing. To let the strings sound like he does is very special, more than welcome on board!”

Collin Leijenaar, drums: “I have played with Reinier before and it’s a real pleasure to see him join this band now. He’s a wonderful guy and musician, so he fits right in.”

Robin Z, keyboards: “Wishing our good friend Erik all the best with his other duties, out of sight is not out of heart. And of course more than pleased to see Reinier taking over. An amazing player and fun guy to work with. Really looking forward to this new chapter in Dilemma history.”

In the upcoming weeks and months Dilemma will work hard on writing and arranging new material for their new album, which will see the light in 2021.

Reinier Siemons, bass: “I’m thrilled and honoured to have been given the opportunity to join Dilemma. Their unique style of progressive music really speaks to me. Looking forward to making some great music with these guys!”

Hopefully we’ll see our fans on the road soon. We can’t wait to be back on stage again! Collin, Dec, Paul, Reinier & Robin

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