Modern progressive rock band Dilemma

About Dilemma

Modern progressive rock band Dilemma

About Dilemma

Dutch melodic and progressive rock act Dilemma pulled a phoenix stunt on us by rising from the ashes! Behind the scenes they worked hard on their second studio album ‘Random Acts Of Liberation’, mixed by Rich Mouser (Spock’s Beard, Transatlantic, Neal Morse) and was released in November 2018 via Butler Records/Music On Vinyl. Two European tours followed, when Dilemma consecutively supported the all star progressive rockbands Sons Of Apollo in 2018 and Flying Colors in 2019. 

Dilemma consists of founder and keyboardist Robin Z, drummer Collin Leijenaar (Neal Morse, Dave Bainbridge, Affector, Kayak) and guitarist Paul Crezee. They all where part of Dilemma since right after the release of their surprising debut album ‘Imbroccata’ via SI Music/Roadrunner Records in 1995. Vocalist/front man Wudstik (Ayreon, For All We Know) and bass player Kristoffer Gildenlöw (Pain Of Salvation, Kayak) joined Dilemma in the first months of 2023.  

Dilemma & Rich Mouser

Audio pro’s

“I’m extremely proud of this record”, says drummer/producer Collin Leijenaar about ‘Random Acts Of Liberation. “We have gone the extra mile and relied on all our experience to make all the details work – and we’ve used a lot of resources as well”, says Leijenaar with a big smile on his face. In fact the whole band actually flew from Holland to L.A. to work with Rich Mouser, known for his work with Spock’s Beard, The Neal Morse Band, Transatlantic and others. Leijenaar: “I’ve known Rich for a long time, through Neal Morse and my other band Affector. Rich is a genius mixer and real audio pro. We all went to his studio to make the best sounding record possible and even re-recorded some stuff there for an even better result.”

Dilemma & Sons Of Apollo

On tour with Sons Of Apollo

Leijenaar used to switch drum seats with Mike Portnoy for Neal Morse’s solo band every now and then. Portnoy personally invited Dilemma on the European tour as the opening act for the progressive hard rock band Sons Of Apollo (with Derek Sherinian, Ron ‘Thal’ Bumblefoot, Billy Sheehan and Jeff Scott Soto). Leijenaar: “We recently got of Dilemma’s very first tour with our new line-up. It was a blast to cross Europe with Sons Of Apollo!”

Portnoy praised ‘Random Acts Of Liberation’ and was also very impressed with Dilemma’s live performances. Here’s what he had to say for himself: “It was my pleasure to have Dilemma on the final European leg of Sons Of Apollo’s 2018 Tour. As their latest album is one of my favorite prog releases of the year, I knew their musicianship and songwriting would be fully appreciated by the audience.”

Dilemma @ De Boerderij


And this is no mumbo-jumbo! Dilemma really is killing it: on the stage as well on your stereo/streaming device. And that is because Dilemma is no stranger to the melodic and progressive rock landscape. In the late 90’s the band’s distinctive sound led to a record deal with SI Music/Roadrunner Music. Debut album ‘Imbroccata’ became a fact and was met with high praise, especially in Japan. While the band existed on and off through the years, Dilemma played well known Dutch venues like 013, Tilburg and Boerderij, Zoetermeer.

After a disbandment the Dutch prog/symfo magazine iO Pages asked Dilemma in 2012 for a special one-off reunion show during the iO Pages Festival. This was in a matter of fact a breath of fresh air that sparked a continuation. But during the recording process for a new album singer Danny Butler decided to discontinue. It seemed the end for Dilemma…


For the long run

However, the band secretly decided to reset and start over while keep working under the same moniker. Now with a completely rewritten and newly recorded album, and with Dec Burke as their new front man, there’s no question left: Dilemma is here to stay for the long run and ‘Random Acts Of Liberation’ paves the way for a whole new journey.

Early 2023, Wudstik and Kristoffer replaced Dec Burke (Frost*, Darwin’s Radio) and Erik van der Vlis, who both decided to focus on their own musicals careers.

Together with the two new band members, Dilemma currently works on writing and recording their upcoming concept album ‘A World Without Light Is Not Where I Belong’.


Dilemma - Trapped
Dilemma - Imbroccata

What other artists say about ‘Random Acts Of Liberation’

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Damn!! Yet another great new prog release. The new album by Dilemma is some very tasty "modern Prog" ala new Spock's, Frost, Flying Colors, Steven Wilson and Haken.

Awesome drumming by Collin Leijenaar and loving the melodic edge Dec Burke brings to the band! And as always an immaculate mix by Rich Mouser. 

One of the top-10 best music albums of 2018!

Mike Portnoy (Sons Of Apollo/Neal Morse Band/Flying Colors/ex-Dream Theater)

Mike Portnoy
Ms. Nameless
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I listened to the album during my jog time. Wow… it’s really great, the first song immediately gave me wings, I instantly ran faster. Good guitar riffs, very special. I also think Dec Burke sounds really nice.

The music is a mixture of prog and pop and is well written, played and recorded. I must say that Collin’s drums sound super, and also played very well! The whole production and mix is great, very transparent. 

Arjen Lucassen (Ayreon/Star One/The Gentle Storm/Vengeance)

Arjen Lucassen
Ms. Nameless
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Dilemma's new one is the freshest prog I've heard this year. Brimming with hooks, virtuoso prog and great songs.

A must for fans of Neal Morse, Flying Colors and Spock's Beard.

Bill Evans (Executive Producer/Manager, Flying Colors)

Bill Evans
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Really enjoying listening to "Random Acts of Liberation', the new album from Dilemma. Superb musicianship from the whole band and the album is brimming with an infectious energy, creative ideas and compelling soundscapes. All topped with a great, punchy and well defined mix.

Definitely a 'must listen to' for fans of modern prog. Really great, especially to hear Collin Leijenaar's explosive and imaginative drumming in full flight. 

Dave Bainbridge (Iona/Strawbs/Lifesigns/Celestial Fire, producer, composer)

Dave Bainbridge
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