06 juni 2018 



Who would have thought, the last time we talked
We’d be standing right here today…

It’s this phrase from their new epic song The Inner Darkness that probably best describes the remarkable comeback of Dutch progressive rockband Dilemma. Since their last gig in april 2012 they kind of disappeared from the public eye, but only to write the best new material they could come up with for their massive upcoming album Random Acts of Liberation.

This extensive piece of work, featuring British vocalist Dec Burke (Frost, Audioplastik, Darwin’s Radio), was produced by drummer Collin Leijenaar and mixed by audio genius Rich Mouser at The Mouse House studio in Altadena, LA.

Apart from drumming in Dilemma, Collin Leijenaar is also well known for his solid drum contributions to albums and live shows by acts like Neal Morse, Kayak, Dave Bainbridge and Affector. The Dilemma line-up is completed by founder Robin Z (keyboards), guitarist Paul Crezee, bass player Erik van der Vlis and the aforementioned Dec Burke (vocals, guitars).

So here we are, the start of our new destiny
A picture of the world that yet awaits…

As said, Dilemma is no stranger to progressive rock’s landscape. Singer Butler and keyboard player Robin Z formed the band in the mid 1990s. After writing a large body of work, the EP ‘Trapped’ came out in 1993 and featured three very diverse tracks. The quality of these songs and Dilemma’s distinctive sound quickly led to a recording contract with SI Music/Roadrunner Records.

Following the worldwide release of their debut CD Imbroccata in 1996 (an album that received enthusiastic reviews and sold very well, especially in Japan) the band played at famous Dutch venues like 013, De Boerderij, Baroeg, IJsbreker and Nieuwe Pul. Dilemma also toured with Swedish neoclassical metal band Narnia. Their last gig dates from 2012, when they appeared on stage with quite a memorable show during the iO Pages Festival in Zoetermeer, The Netherlands.

One year later, frontman Danny Butler and the rest of the group parted ways. This decision led to an even more progressive and diversified sounding band, and to new material that really comes from the heart of its remaining members.

The more we change, the more we stay the same
The more we die, the more we stay alive…

In 2016 new vocalist Dec Burke joined Dilemma. Together they kept working on the new songs and recorded most of the vocals in the well-known Down Under studio’s in Hilversum. Bit by bit the outlines of Random Acts of Liberation (RAOL) became clear. All pieces of the puzzle fell into place.

Now that the mixes and mastering are finished, we’re proud as a monkey with seven dicks to share the results with you. RAOL contains 14 various tracks, varying in length from 3 to over 12 minutes. It’s packed with surprising time signatures, enchanting guitar solo’s and pleasant melodies. Total running time of the album: 72 minutes.

A few of the highlights that we’d like to mention here are energetic opener Amsterdam (This City), that talks about remembering things you once chose to forget. Aether, an atmospheric and melodic track about wandering souls. The 12 minute epic The Inner Darkness (a work of fiction, though inspired by actual events). Pseudocomaphobia, a metalesque rocksong on the fear of losing touch in relationships. And last but not least the – typically Dilemma-sounding – progrock anthems Play With Sand, (a haunting horror story that really took place), Openly and Prodigal Son.

As soon as the album will be released, sometime in the coming months, we’ll let you know. We hope you will enjoy Random Acts of Liberation as much as we did creating it!

About the author
Dilemma is a Dutch melodic and progressive rock act which consists of founder and keyboardist Robin Z, vocalist Wudstik (Ayreon, For All We Know), drummer/producer Collin Leijenaar (Neal Morse, Affector, Kayak), guitarist Paul Crezee, and bass player Kristoffer Gildenlöw (Pain Of Salvation, For All We Know). Dilemma released their debut album ‘Imbroccata’ in 1995 on SI Music/Road Runner Records. After a hiatus of a few years Dilemma released Random Acts Of Liberation in 2018 on Butler Records/Music On Vinyl. Random Acts Of Liberation was met with high praise in rock and prog media world wide, and world renowned drummer Mike Portnoy (Sons Of Apollo/Winery Dogs/Neal Morse/ex-Dreamtheater) named the album one of the top-10 albums of 2018. Portnoy invited Dilemma to join Sons Of Apollo on their European tour which happened in the fall of 2018. In December 2019 Dilemma opened for Flying Colors during their European tour.
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