Random Acts Of Liberation

Released  2018 - Butler Records / Music On Vinyl

The Space Between The Waves (4:31)
Amsterdam (This City) (5:00)
Aether (6:46)
All That Matters (4:33)
The Inner Darkness (12:05)
Dear Brian (2:17)
Prodigal Son (5:03)
Pseudocomaphobia (5:15)
Spiral Pt. II (2:08)
Openly (5:57)
Intervals (3:47)
Play With Sand (5:50)
Wonder (Not Of My Own) (6:14)
The Mist Of Vale (2:41)

What other artists say about ‘Random Acts Of Liberation’

One of the top-10 best music albums of 2018!
Damn!! Yet another great new prog release. The new album by Dilemma is some very tasty "modern Prog" ala new Spock's, Frost, Flying Colors, Steven Wilson and Haken.

Awesome drumming by Collin Leijenaar and loving the melodic edge Dec Burke brings to the band! And as always an immaculate mix by Rich Mouser.

One of the top-10 best music albums of 2018!

Mike Portnoy

Mike Portnoy

(Sons Of Apollo/Neal Morse Band/Flying Colors/ex-Dream Theater)

This gave me wings!
I listened to the album during my jog time. Wow… it’s really great, the first song immediately gave me wings, I instantly ran faster. Good guitar riffs, very special. I also think Dec Burke sounds really nice.

The music is a mixture of prog and pop and is well written, played and recorded. I must say that Collin’s drums sound super, and also played very well! The whole production and mix is great, very transparent. 
Arjen Lucassen

Arjen Lucassen 

Ayreon/Star One/The Gentle Storm/Vengeance

Definitely a 'must listen to' for fans of modern prog.
Really enjoying listening to "Random Acts of Liberation', the new album from Dilemma. Superb musicianship from the whole band and the album is brimming with an infectious energy, creative ideas and compelling soundscapes. All topped with a great, punchy and well defined mix.

Definitely a 'must listen to' for fans of modern prog. Really great, especially to hear Collin Leijenaar's explosive and imaginative drumming in full flight. 
Dave Bainbridge

Dave Bainbridge

Iona/Strawbs/Lifesigns/Celestial Fire, producer, composer

One is the freshest prog I've heard!
Dilemma's new one is the freshest prog I've heard this year. Brimming with hooks, virtuoso prog and great songs. A must for fans of Neal Morse, Flying Colors and Spock's Beard.
Bill Evans

Bill Evans

Executive Producer/Manager, Flying Colors

Strong songwriting, playing and singing throughout.
This album covers lots of ground, from tender ballads to prog rock to hard rock, but always within a strong pop framework. Strong songwriting, playing and singing throughout. You're gonna love it! 
Dave Meros

Dave Meros

Spock’s Beard

 I was impressed by the songwriting!
Though Dilemma sounds like a band with great musicians I was even more impressed by the songwriting on this album, which is always the first thing I listen to anyway. The tracks are accessible, but never too 'easy'. Clever, but with feeling. Well done! Special compliments to singer Dec Burke, great voice!
Ton Scherpenzeel

Ton Scherpenzeel


This is what some press outlets say about ‘Random Acts Of Liberation’.

This sumptuous platter is steeped in modern prog textures and totally packed with hooks, moods and melodies. The guitars frequently succeed in boggling the mind.
Prog Magazine


Dilemma hits hard, but goes down smoothly. It’s catchy prog, strongly rooted in rock but with pop and metal sensibilities emerging throughout.
Sonic Perspectives

Sonic Perspectives (USA)

Every time we hear this record we are convinced of the exceptional quality. In short, a direct hit in the melodic progressive genre!
Rock Tribune

Rock Tribune (Belgium)

I simply can’t ignore the impression that I have now listened to what could easily be the best album of the year
DPRP Dutch Progressive Rock Pages

DPRP Dutch Progressive Rock Pages (Holland)

Dilemma - Imbroccata


Released 1995 - SI Music / RoadRunner Records